As President of Skyview Ventures, Andrew Karetsky financed the building of a solar facility in New Jersey and Massachusetts and advised on the financing of renewable energy projects in New Jersey, Michigan, Puerto Rico, New Mexico, and Connecticut. Since the founding of Skyview Ventures, Karetsky has succeeded in negotiating the brokerage of a sale of renewable energy certificates (REC) worth $1.5 million and was an advisor on the purchase of $3 million worth of RECs. Before he began his career, Andrew Karetsky studied history at John Hopkins University, where he stayed active as a member of the varsity baseball team, the club ice hockey team, and the varsity wrestling team. After graduating, he found employment with Alex. Brown & Sons. As an Equities Trader in the firm’s listed trading department, Karetsky focuses on projects in the environmental waste, oil service, and financial service industries. By 1991, Andrew Karetsky had the distinction of being the most profitable trader in his division and shortly thereafter became the youngest Vice President in the firm’s 180-year history. Karetsky also served as the President of Tuscany Enterprises and as a Partner with Camelot Capitol, based out of Greenwich, Connecticut.


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